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Poet’s Corner (May 12, 2019) – Mother’s Day

I had a mother’s day presentation and a meet the new poet laureate event along with a book signing for my latest book, The Room,. on May 12th at the Laughing Oyster. Here are two of the poems: A Mother’s Faith My mother shared in the power of creation, Weaving the...

Why is She Mad at Me

Because we are so concerned with our own safety, we fail to see the feelings being expressed by others, especially those nearest to us, who have the potential to inflict the greatest emotional pain. We fail to meet their needs because we are obsessed with our own need to be accepted and loved.


Poet’s Corner – May 19 – Red Tree Poetry at the Abbey

     I attended a poetry session last Sunday in Cumberland and met a delightful group of poets. The abbey is an old church that has been rededicated to the arts. It provided a cozy and artistic environment for the evening of poetry. There were approximately twenty...