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Why Doesn’t Anyone Hear Me?

DSM 5 Impairment 10 - Significant impairments in personality functioning: Intimacy: marked by mistrust, neediness. What We Know I found only one study that dealt directly with distrust. Bhar and others (2008) examined 184 BPD patients on the Personality Beliefs...

Poet Laureate – News and Events

Serious Writers Group The summer is quieting down a bit. I have my Serious Writer's Group that meets every second week at the library. It is going well with great conversation and excellent critiques. A group of five seems to be optimal as we each spend fifteen to...


Forgiveness 4 – Letting Go

Forgiveness is not an end it itself; in reality, it is a new beginning. Once our mind is free of the pains of the past, it opens up the world of new possibilities. Free at last, free at last, thank god, I am free at last.   https://youtu.be/eTQwndgyIeg

Forgiveness 3

 Forgiveness is more than just saying I forgive you.  It has to be heart to heart. In the case of those who have already passed on,we have to make a emotional/spiritual connection and feel their presence and their spiritual hugs....