I have been privileged to know and love the universal presence. It has not been easy. There were moments that I felt the depths of hopelessness and despair that only someone with severe borderline personality disorder can feel. In my darkest moments, I have been blessed by being touched by the universal presence. It has felt like a washing, almost a drowning, as tears have been released and joy has flooded throughout my whole body.

Walking with the Source

My body strolls down a path of pleasure.
I hear a quiet voice that delves deeper,
a consistent voice, a persistent voice,
that comes from outside me but yet in me,
a voice that speaks sometimes with an image,
sometimes with a feeling,
sometimes with spoken words,
sometimes abounding with power,
sometimes a soft whisper.
The Universe?
The Spirit?
The Source?

It is the Presence without a name,
but the voice is always the same.
It is the voice that speaks to me and to you.
The voice is the voice of love and life.
The voice always responds only to the heart.
The voice is always there waiting to let love
flow through me and through you
through my thoughts, through your thoughts,
no conditions, always a perfect love,
like a father’s perfect love for his imperfect son.