(From my new book, The Magic of Love, soon to be released)

The love bond extends to the next in line – the grandparents. In most cultures they have a major role to play in the care and shaping of the child with the traditions and wisdom of the past generations. They often live in the same house or yard and see their grandchildren on a daily basis. They can love without the responsibility. When parents discipline, grandparents provide comfort. When parents are frustrated and don’t know what to do, grandparents can take over for a while and provide gentle council. They seem to intuitively know what both the parents and the grandchildren need and are free to provide it.

With my first grandchild, I had the privilege to be there every day for the first four years of his life. Now that he is a young man, I have a very close loving relationship with him. We work together on my writing projects. We spend a lot of time talking and enjoying each other’s company. It is a special kind of love. I love all my grandchildren with the same bonded love even though our lives have not been as close as my relationship with Daylin. They are all my grandchildren. I have tried to get to know them personally and love them in their own individual way.


Daylin, my first grandchild,
born while the winds blew in familiar ways,
when family was still family like the old days,
when there was a sense of togetherness.
Your sweet little presence filled my days with deep joy.

I have watched you grow
from a baby to a child,
from a child to a teenager.
I watched you struggle through adversity
to become a man.

And now we are close again,
our lives intertwined for a brief time
that I deem precious.
You are my business partner,
but more than that,
you are my friend.
But still more than that,
you are my daughter’s child,
But oh so much more than that,
you are my grandson.