Bi: A Bisexual Man's Transformational Journey from Agony to Ecstasy

by Lawrence JW Cooper

On the outside he seemed to have it all: a happy marriage and family life, a successful career as an educational school psychologist, respect in his community, but on the inside he was slowly falling apart: he was bisexual. After 25 years of living a secret double life his guilt was tearing him apart and he confessed to his wife. Her immediate rejection and divorce forced him to enter the challenging path of soul searching towards self-love and self-acceptance.

My Story

Bi is my story of the journey of going through the confusion of coping with and eventually celebrating, my gender and sexual identity. It is a love story that ends in the pain of divorce. But it is also the story of a new beginning, an awakening where I have learned to accept and love myself just the way I am. The prose tells the story and the poetry describes the feelings and emotions. These are interspersed along the way with a few explanations of the psychological theories behind the events of the story. I am sharing these experiences in the hopes that I may help someone understand their own bisexual journey or perhaps to understand the behavior of someone you love.

My Reward

Dear Mr.Cooper,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you. I have only recently happened upon your blog after having bought and read your book (more than once).
Firstly as a Bisexual man myself who has only truly awakened in the last year or so, and has struggled to come to terms with this fact, can I just say your life and experience and everything you have shared in your blog and book feels very relatable. 
What has helped me in particular are your blog posts and research related to the scientific or biological aspects of bisexuality in men. Your time and output, has given me relief to the anxieties and self-loathing I go through. 
While you don’t know me at all, it also actually seems to me in many ways you do. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for doing what you do. I’ve never admitted to another man in any context that I am bisexual, even though this part of me has all but consumed my every waking hour for the last year or so.

Best Regards