DSM5 – Pathological personality traits in negative affectivity – b. Anxiousness: Worry about the negative effects of past unpleasant experiences and future negative possibilities.

When we look deeper into the concept of polarity it simply means going to extremes from everything is great to everything sucks. But this is not like bipolar where depression is followed by a manic state. There is no chemical component leading to depression with a yoyo effect to manic; it is a constant state of mind where the two extremes co-exist and surface based on the circumstances. There is always the underlying fear that the situation or relationship will turn from positive to negative.

Creative Moments – The Back Door

The back door,
I keep it open.
I face this life believing
that what I see,

What I feel,
This ray of hope,
This burst of love,
Is not but a delusion
Leading my heart to destruction
An illusion,

just a dream that cannot be real.

So I only believe just so far,
Never letting my mind
Engage in hope.

So I keep the back door open,
Stealing what I can
From the words,

From the oh so sweet touches,
A brief moment,
An everlasting memory,
To remind me that this is all too good to be true,
After I remember to run
From the doom that always follows the bliss.


(For more information on this topic go to – In Search of the Lost Self- How to Survive and Thrive with Borderline Personality Disorder, by Lawrence J. W. Cooper, now available on Amazon)