Poetry With Purpose Workshop

Changing our Life Story

Have you been to a poetry book launch? Can be quite boring, can’t it? In my presentations, I will attempt to entertain as well as present, in the hopes of sharing not only the words upon the page, but the feelings and emotions coming from the heart. These presentations, as well as the content of my books, present a continuous story line in prose and poetry. They focus on a particular theme and try to give insights into the emotions and feelings behind the actions and behaviors of people struggling through major issues of the body and the mind. These are fifty minute presentations followed by a question and answer period.

As a psychologist and poet, Lawrence J.W. Cooper is uniquely equipped to deal with the subject of mental disorders on both an emotional and academic level. Having walked the path of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Depression, he wishes to help others through these Poetry With Purpose Workshops.

In Poetry with Purpose, my role is to be a facilitator – to get you in touch with your own inner therapist through the magic of poetry. Most of us have some issues we have to uncover. We may have traumas that we have not yet faced and healed or implicit memories buried in our early childhood. These feelings may surface in the form of feelings that we figuratively refer to as the inner child. Our higher self wants to hear our inner child, show understanding, and begin the process of healing. We become our own parent. We all have issues to face and heal, some just a touch, a refinement of thoughts and feelings, and others deeper traumas that need the healing touch form the higher self. My purpose is to get you in touch with that inner power through the imagery, feelings, and emotions of poetry. And then our higher self will urge us to move on, and to learn and grow from these experiences. In poetry with purpose we don’t just bury the past; we boldly take the first step to coming alive. Being alive is an amazing way to live. Please join me on this exciting journey.

Because of the intimate nature of Poetry with Purpose I have limited attendance to twelve people. If you think this workshop is for you, you can sign up for the next workshop listed below. I would also like to invite you to sign up for my Newsletter which will alert you to future workshops being held in your area or perhaps one of the webinars that will be scheduled sometime in the near future.