I have highlighted some sessions that I think might be of interest to poets. You can find more information at the Comox Valley Writers Society website.

Producing a Great Book & Mastering Your Fears of Marketing
Presenter: Craig Shemilt
Craig Shemilt has been involved in the printing industry for more than 40 years. His company, Island Blue Book Printing, represents more than 3000 authors and 200 publishers. Island Blue also has more than 14,000 book titles archived to their system. This presentation gives a wealth of information on what it takes to produce an excellent book and marketing strategies. He will discuss why authors are turning to self-publishing, giving his expertise on book publishing, printing, editing, design, formatting, e-books and the book market. Anyone writing a book does not want to miss this talk.

Social Media for Authors: Building Your Online Community
Presenter: Michelle Simms
You may have heard that it’s important for authors to be active on social media to sell books. This is partially true—an online presence can benefit those who are committed to it. In this workshop, you will discover the most valuable social media channels for authors, learn how to build and engage your online community, and create a plan for using social media that is simple, intuitive, and above all, useful.

Poetry & the Music of Language                             Presenter: Jan Zwicky
 What is free verse? How does it differ from prose? How is it related to formal verse? These questions form the foundation of this workshop. Its aim is to activate and develop sensitivity to the musical potentials of language, and to assist you in listening to your own voice.Through exercises and examples, we will explore rhythm in poetry, punctuation, aural resonance, and the nature of the line. In the last hour, we’ll focus on how to lift a poem off the page into the living voice.This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to established writers who feel their ear could use a tune up. Please bring paper and a penci