I had the privilege of being the guest presenter at the Comox Valley Writers Society opening session this past week on Thursday, September 19, in the library at Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School. I was impressed with the turnout of close to thirty people out of a membership that has reached into the high 80’s. It represents all forms of nonfiction and creative writing genres. I highly recommend that you sign up and take part in these monthly sessions which are held in the library of Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School. You can keep track of the meetings and other activities through their website at https://cvwriterssociety.ca/ .

      I was pleased to be able to share poems from my two, and soon to be third, books of poems and to chat with some of the members during the break and at the end of the session. I was also able to get some free advertisement for Poet’s Pub Night and the Poetry with Purpose initiative for Mental Wellness. This is a very warm and accepting group of writers who will support you in your efforts to develop your craft and to become published authors.. Lots of old pros in the group who are willing to share and make you feel welcome.Here is one of the poems I presented from my book, The Room.

My Invictus

I have been stripped of all my comforts.
I have been abandoned, forgotten on this solitary shelf.
I have been left naked and open to the winds,
But I am not alone as long as I walk proudly with myself.

 What have I to fear but fear itself?
There is no hidden ghost that can haunt my soul;
There is no pain I have not yet faced;
There is nothing I can subtract or add to make me whole.

I shall arise now from my bed of shame;
I shall discard these shackles that impede my pace;
I shall put aside my self-condemnation,
Put one foot in front of the other and leave this place.

There is more to me than this image I have carved;
There is more to me than what you think you perceive;
There is more to me than the sum of all my parts;
I am at peace, I have hope, and I choose to believe.