Enchanted With Life

by Lawrence JW Cooper
This book of inspirational poems contains seven poems on each of the ten steps to Grounding and Centering. It features a poem a day for ten weeks. It is designed to help you live a life that you would truly love to live. It is my hope that my love for life will flow from these pages and into your heart.

Lawrence captures the true essence of life in his poetry, which is the interconnectedness of all living things and the power that unconditional love holds, including unconditional love for ourselves. He shares deeply from his own life experience and search for healing. To sit with his words and allow their truths to resonate with your Higher Self is truly a gift.

I find I have been looking forward each morning to Lawrence’s encouragement to continue to infuse my soul  with the beauty of unconditional love and the spirit of the universe. Surely this is the healing path.

I would highly recommend this book as a daily companion and an inspiration.

Namaste and peace,

Heather Holm

Lawrence Cooper’s words in his new poetry book ‘Enchanted with Life’, evoke such warm, gentle and healing emotions that they pull me back into flow and ease when I have been pushing myself too hard. Reading Lawrence’s book has become one of the fastest ways to re-centre and ground myself that I have found yet. I keep ‘Enchanted with Life’ close, handy, so I can read it as a morning inspiration or a mental re-framing tool during the day.  I want to be enchanted with life, too. I highly recommend this book.

Karin Clark M.Ed
CEO Raven Publishing Inc., Owner: Impact Learning Systems