Activity 4: More Practice in Belief 

We believe that the Higher Self has unlimited power through its connections with the source of universal energy and wisdom. We also believe that the ultimate purpose of our Higher Self is to expand and grow so that we can contribute to the flow of positive energy on this planet. We also believe that true expansion growth occurs when the powers of the mind work together with love from the heart and the spiritual energy from the soul.

So far we have looked at a grounding meditation, a practice in building self-esteem, and growing through the practice of weekly goal setting.   This week we will choose one area of growth for the day and set our belief to growing our Self. It may be some negative energy attached to some area of our lives which we would like to see changed. Instead of planning and plotting through the powers of our mind, we can simply turn that problem area over to the Higher Self. We focus on the positive outcome we would like to see develop instead of the negative aspect we want to change. We will not plan any intervening steps. We will just let our Higher Self give us the feeling that goes along with the desired growth. For example, if we want to bring more joy into our life, we visualize what that joy may look like and feel like; we lock that into our memory,  and then recall and hold that feeling at various times throughout the day.

 At the end of the day, we will look at how the Higher Self has worked on our behalf. If the problem area still persists, or we still seek expansion in that area, we will ask the Higher Self for clarification, make the necessary adjustments, and try again the next day. If the problem is solved, or we decide to learn from the experience and move on, or if we are satisfied with our expansion in that area, we will choose a new problem or a new area for expansion for the next day. If there are no problem areas, we will call upon our Higher Self and wait until it gives us an area in which we may wish to expand. We record our thoughts and results in our Self-Actualization Journal.