This week during meditation, we will take another opportunity to listen to our mind. Again we remember that our mind is the battleground in our fight for self-actualization. Sometimes we have to tackle the same problem from several different angles before it finally sinks in. In the process of grounding, I am a firm believer in living in the present; however, I do not like the idea of just ignoring the wounds of the past because they will inevitably resurface and affect our thoughts and behaviors at the subconscious level. Our mind needs an opportunity to relive and heal these wounds over and over again before it can reach that aha moment and go on to become the powerful positive mind that we will need to make our life one that we will truly love to live. This final stage of this healing has to come from our Higher Self, and there is no better time or place to start doing this than during our meditation.
If our mind has no more issues it wants to heal, we can choose one of the meditation practices from previous virtues or select one of our own based on the voice of I suggest the following:our awakened mind.

• For the first five minutes, you can continue to make sure you are in a state of complete relaxation and firmly grounded to the life forces of the Earth.
• For the next ten minutes, you may let your mind bring up its worries and concerns. Do not dig in the garbage; just let your mind voice its concern while you are meditating. Typically these are the kinds of thoughts that try to break in on your meditation practice. Instead of trying to shut them down, you can simply give your mind an opportunity to express its thoughts and fears. Try to sense the negative feelings behind these thoughts while blocking the negative energy.
• After the mind has spoken its perceived truth, you can thank it for its due diligence remembering that this is just your mind trying to do its job to protect you. Then resume your meditation with your breathing and grounding pattern.
• You may wish to repeat a soothing mantra after each interruption by your mind . Again you can refer to the French, “Tout est bien”, which translates, “All is well”.
• While you repeat the mantra, you can visualize a feeling of positive energy flow from your Higher Self into that space between your eyes which is the center of your ego’s sense of self. As you allow this energy to flow into your mind, you can let it expand. Along with this expansion, you may invite a sense of peace and quiet joy that will bring a smile to your face and a lightness to your mind and body. Allow this feeling to saturate your being. This will allow your mind to refire and rewire through the pleasure center off your brain, grounding these old thoughts and feelings.
• If your mind has uncovered heavy negative feelings from old wounds, it may take the entire ten minutes (or even longer) to reach the point where you feel at peace with this incident or series of incidences. You can stay in meditation as long as it takes to generate this positive feeling to counterbalance the negative one, or you can acknowledge the progress you have made, bring closure, and make plans to visit it again tomorrow.
• After the meditation, as your Higher Self, write down the concerns expressed by your mind and thank it for its due diligence. Then celebrate the healing achieved and the changes yet to come.

Day one
Mind Concern: ___________________________________________________________


____________________________________________________________________ .

Feelings: _____________________________________________________________ .

Changes created or anticipated by and through your Higher Self: ___________________


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