The royal color indigo signifies spirituality and higher consciousness. It is located between the eyebrows which puts it in the same general region as the prefrontal cortex. When the two work together, they produce our seat of intuition, knowledge, and wisdom.

It is associated with finding the universal truth and that truth leads to the understanding and employment of unlimited energy. It leads us to find the task we are called to do for others thereby leading to our feelings of meaning and purpose, but the emphasis is on the spiritual purpose rather than the physical. It leads to the state we know as consciousness which gives us the ability to release the old and embrace the new. We use the knowledge gained from the past but we live in the present.

We choose to listen to our inside world. It alerts us to loss of power in our bodies and therefore directs us to the source of pain and injury and then provides the power to heal. This requires the unity of mind, heart, and soul, the empowered Higher Self, which is then capable of healing a diseased body or a damaged mind.

This chakra requires an ability to change the physical and social rules  and combine them to give us powerful tools for decision making, creating, and achieving. It includes our psychological skills in evaluating and changing our beliefs and attitudes as well as the beliefs and attitudes of others. These skills become the third eye to guide us to the best path to achieve our goals and to live abundant lives.

This chakra is also associated with the pituitary gland, the body’s master gland, which regulates our fight, flight, or freeze mechanism, oxytocin-based relationship bonding, and the general health of the body. Psychologically, a weak chakra may indicate lack of self-esteem, inner peace, discernment, intuition, wisdom, clarity, or happiness.

I suggest the following:

• Get into a comfortable meditative relaxed state.

• First visualize the Indigo Chakra. It should have a brilliant deep indigo color full of intensity, in a compact round shape, with a steady and comfortable spin, located in the center line of your body between and behind your eyes. Too fast a spin may indicate that you are over reliant on the spirit and are neglecting your mind and body, your connection to your world, and your worldly responsibilities. Too slow a spin may indicate that you are lacking the belief in the power of your higher self to change yourself and your world.

• If it lacks any of these qualities, this may be your soul asking for help. You can visualize a surge of pure indigo light flow from nature into your body through your breathing. Focus this healing energy on the chakra until it is restored to its true color. You can then use the image of your spiritual hands to reshape and restore its position, intensity, shape, size, and spin.

• If you have difficulty healing the chakra visually, ask your Higher Self what needs to be done. It will guide you to the steps you need to take to heal your soul.

• If it is still not restored, recognize the progress you have made so far and plan to revisit this chakra again the next day.