If you are setting out to publish a book and want a coach, please consider Junie Swadron who coached me through my first publication. Junie is a unique coach in that she also provides emotional and psychological support and therapy as she coaches. My first book, Bi, was extremely personal and I had a lot of angst in deciding if I should publish it. As I shared my personal poems with her, my voice broke and cracked and I was on the edge of tears as I brought my hidden shames and fears into the light of the written word. She kept assuring me that I had a message that needed to be heard and that my words were beautiful. She encouraged me to switch from the third person to the first person in some of my poems and take ownership and pride in my myself as well as my skills as a writer. During the process I found my writer’s voice. If you feel you want honest appraisal and reassurance of your worth as a person and a writer you can contact Junie at:

Your Life Matters!