This month we will try to be a little philosophical and explore what truth really is. In my obsession with the search for truth in the United States January 6th investigations, I came across a disturbing quote. One of the witnesses was informing a lawyer colleage on how each of the connspiracy claims they ben debuked. In the end the lawyer friend accepted the evidence but felt in his heart that the conclusions didn’t feel right. Feelings are important but they are not very helpful when it comes to looking for information and facts to support a particular set of actions. However, feelings do alert us that there may be something wrong beyond the boudaries of the data. In this month’s issue we will try to look at the nature of truth and some of the things we can do to get the best information available, so we can begin to solve the horrendous problems facing society today. In the following weeks we will explore the perceived truths (from all sides) behind the specific issues themselves.