This is a start on looking at the other side of poetry, the other emotion, just for the joy of it. Please feel free to get on board with your version of Two Cows or whatever topic tickles your fancy.

The Poet Had Two Cows

The poet had two cows.
He did not understand what they were trying to say
but he believed that if he could teach them
to moo with more emotion
they would give more milk (note the alliteration).
Unfortunately the two cows became discouraged,
because the rest of the herd
thought they were too loud and bossy
and believed they were saying unkind things.. .
So they ignored the two cows
and separated them from the rest of the herd.
The two cows became depressed
and could no longer give any milk.
The poet also became depressed,
shot the two cows,
sold out the rest of the herd,
and became an accountant..