This is a start on looking at the other side of poetry, the other emotion, just for the joy of it. Please feel free to get on board with ‘two cows’ or some other topic.

You have two cows.
One is grain fed,
the other fed grass.
Only a few food faddists care what cows eat.
And, of course, smart cows.
Cows do like to eat.
I guess graze is the word.
Anyways, you dress both the cows up as giraffes.
You believe cows have an active fantasy life.
You tether them on the new cable ferry.
Tourists come.
“Do they give milk?” they ask.
“The milk of human kindness,” you say.
The cows eventually become BC Ferry mascots.
Over time, for a time, they get their sea legs.
Nevertheless, they are constantly seasick.
The weather is sometimes terrible.
Their giraffe costumes disintegrate.
The SPCA rescues them.
To salvage BC Ferries reputation,
your two cows are appointed to the Board of Directors.
You are amply rewarded.
You spend all of your cow’s director’s salaries on Denman.
The economy flourishes.
And you still have two cows.
They now know how to chair a meeting.
Island organizations vie for their acumen.
Unfortunately, your cows have had it up to here with meetings.
Especially if they don’t get remunerated.
Still, they are content.
They have milked the system more than any other cows before them.

Bill Engleson