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Lawrence J.W. Cooper is uniquely equipped to deal with the subject of mental disorders on both an emotional and academic level. Having walked the path of borderline personality disorder (BPD), generalized anxiety disorder, and depression, he believes he has developed a life that he now truly loves to love. His areas of expertise include ten years as a psychometrician and reading specialist, eighteen years as a school administrator/counsellor/special education coordinator, as well as being available as needed for School Division Educational Psychologist services. In addition, he has spent the last thirteen years teaching high school advanced placement Psychology and English courses on-line. He is the winner of the Canadian Teacher’s Federation Hilroy Fellowship for innovation, and the Alberta and Canadian Educator and Administrator of the Year awards for Inclusion of children with special needs into mainstream education.

His book In Search of the Lost Self contains research, personal anecdotes, and suggestions for living and thriving with borderline personality disorder. The Grounding Virtues and The Centering Virtues are workbooks that take you step by step into building a better life. In addition Lawrence facilitates workshops using the Sacred Circle to explore the healing power of poetry.

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Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to Happiness.

The ultimate purpose is to reach as many people as possible with the hopes of saving lives with resonance and connection to powerful poetry and personal transformation experience.”

Poetry with Purpose Workshop

My role is to be a facilitator – to get you in touch with your own inner therapist through the magic of poetry. We use the Sacred Circle as a format to get in touch with our deepest inner feelings through poetry, and then find our voice to share these feelings with other poets. If you wish to participate in one of my workshops, you can register below and I will inform you about the next one in your area or the next digital google meeting.


Poetry Workshop

Poetry Workshop

Dear all, Hope your summer is going well! The following is a description of an online workshop that Paul Nelson is teaching online this fall. It's almost full, but he said that if he had enough registrants he would run a second class on Sundays starting Oct. 4th, 4-6...

Poet’s Corner – Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival

Poet’s Corner – Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival

      I attended a workshop on poetry at the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival. The session titled the Poetry of Place was conducted by Billeh Nickerson. Billeh is a Canadian writer, editor, performer and arts advocate from Vancouver. He causally and...