Ian Cognito
Fri, 12 Mar, 12:13 (5 days ago)

to Ian

Hi everyone

I’m attaching the poster for The Omniform Lounge event happening on March 30th. Be great if you can share with your own networks!
Here a description of the event:

Over the past year restrictions necessitated by safety protocols to reduce COVID-19 transmission have not only hampered public gatherings at cultural venues, such as literary readings, spoken word events, theatre productions, art exhibits, music and dance events, these impediments to face-to-face conversation have also limited the potential for conversations and collaborative connections within the Nanaimo and area creative community.

The OMNIFORM LOUNGE seeks to provide a place for informal discussion and idea exchange among creatives involved in the expanding variety of artistic pursuits found in our region, and to increase opportunities for collaboration as well as reduce the feelings of isolation many authors and artists have been experiencing as a result of the pandemic.
Wordstorm chose the term, OMNIFORM, as it connotes all types of artistic expression.

The relaxed salon-like atmosphere of the inaugural event will focus on PROCESS as a theme. Defined as ‘a series of steps taken to achieve a particular end’, the word process also derives from Old French and Latin meaning ‘a journey, continuation, advancing or going forward’.
Wordstorm invites participants to share what process means to them, how they developed their artistic process, and in what ways their process informs their work whether it be writing, dancing, singing, playing music, acting, making visual art, or photography. Participants are also encouraged to share their experience around developing collaborative projects among the arts.

If you would like to be part of what promises to be a unique and exciting conversation, please register in advance by emailing:
A link will be sent to those who register for the event. Or you can register at www.wordstorm.ca

Carla Stein
Artistic Director
WordStorm Society of the Arts
Attachments area