Come, Come
Come, come, my lost and lonely children
Crawl, and totter and run and squirm home to this warm, softly beating heart
that never stills.
Always waiting to receive you, to cradle you, to hold you
gently as if you are an injured bird
being stroked with my index finger.
Feeling your soft vulnerability, your trust in this massive, complicated, messy human.
But you know love.
You were born as love into love even as disguised in confusion.
Come, come my baby loves
Come home out of the cold into the infinite warmth of Divine Love.
Follow the trail of my tears
they are many and full but you will not drown
They will wash away the pain and hurt.
Cleansing you
as you cling to the web that is pulling you tenderly into my arms
to be cradled forever.
Come, Come, my beloveds
~ Aliyah ~