I was a pleasure to take part in the First Market after Party held last Wednesday, the 19th, at  the Cornerstone Taphouse. It was made even better by the great tasting ale on tap (forget its name, it was number one on the list) that was even made better because it was free, a gift to the presenter. The audience was small, but very cooperative, as we worked our way through five types of poetry: the anagram with a twist, the Limerick (after all it was a pub), the Somoka, the Mondo, and the Cinquain.

It reminds me just how much fun it is to play with words and to let loose and have some down time with fellow poets. We tend to be a serious bunch, and although the Serious Poetry Group and my plans for the Poetry with Purpose Presentations scheduled for fall are important, it is also important to meet with each other and explore the lighter side of life. And there is no better place to do it than a good old fashioned pub like Cornerstone Taphouse (besides, I might get another free beer).. Therefore, stay tuned.We are planning to have one a month starting with Bad Poetry Day in August.


For more information on the day: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm&ogbl#inbox/FMfcgxwChJnRKSKWgnxPzgHhTFVWzDWL