Serious Writers Group

The summer is quieting down a bit. I have my Serious Writer’s Group that meets every second week at the library. It is going well with great conversation and excellent critiques. A group of five seems to be optimal as we each spend fifteen to twenty minutes sharing and commenting. It is certainly challenging me on what I am trying to do and where I could possibly improve. I would be willing to start a second group if there is enough interest.

Poetry with Purpose Presentation

Preparations are under way to have a once a month series of poetry nights  on topics related to mental wellness. We have not selected a day and place yet but tentatively have scheduled Borderline Personality Disorder for September and Bi Polar Disorder for October. If there is anyone who wishes to present poetry on these topics please contact me at

Fun Nights for Poets

As poets and writer, we often take ourselves too seriously. I hope to have a fun pub night once a month starting with Bad Poetry Night, August 18th, from 7 to 9 pm at the Corner Taproom. Prizes, praise, a trophy, and a free pint of ale for the exulted poet. No previously published poems will be allowed (lol.) If you plan on winning, bring a designated driver. Coffee and tea and pub snacks will also be available. Donations to the Gala Fund. Please pass the message on to all poets and bad poetry lovers; I promised the pub manager a full house. Spouses and camp followers welcome (they make good designated drivers).