Poet Laureate

I will be reading three or four selections in the audition for the Poet Laureate for Comox Valley. It should be a fun evening. I invite you to come out and support my application.

FIRST READING – All Participants
Monday Apr. 22nd (Easter Monday)
7-9pm (Doors @ 6:30)
@ Michael’s Off Main – 355 4th St. Courtenay

Each Poet will have 6 minutes at the mic.

Poets will present in this order:
1. Michael
2. Catriona
3. Apryl
4. Kerry
5. Pamela
6. Daniel

7. Jessica
8. Lawrence
9. Darsi
10. Amos
11. Taryn
12. Spencer

Finalists will be notified on Tues. Apr. 23rd.