Walk with me on a carpet of down
It doesn’t matter how many times
you need to be reborn

Soft, warm caress
Leading you on

Living by the estuary
Travelling deep past
November skies

We’ll find salvage
before the gulls steal it away

The heron on the shoreline
Lost in her reflection
No nest to return to
Unaffected by the rain

Trust the fluidity
of this mechanism

As the river unwinds into the sea
What feels like waiting
Only spending time with me

The swans have returned
Watch them glide
One by one
Bringing life to the water
Dipping to the bottom
Raising their heads
and flashing their wings

 They are circling you
Stopping the current
from washing away

When the tide flows in,
they take flight

Broad white wings,
long slender necks

We ease into the sky
High into white winter mountains
It is softer here
A place to forget everything
Watch snowflakes
fall to the ground


By Myron Shutte