Often when I look in the mirror, I see all the blemishes and imperfections of my aging body. However, I acknowledge that this amazing body is still able to fulfill its purpose which is to feel, experience, expand, and grow the energy vibrations of life.

I have seven incredible senses through which I can interact with my physical world. I have these two eyes that can view the wonders of nature. I have two ears to absorb the sound of waves crashing onto shore and blend them into harmony with the cries of the gulls. I have millions of skin receptor cells to absorb all the sensations of the wind, the water, and the sun, and above all, a loving touch from the ones I love. I have millions of receptor cells in the lining of my nose to interpret the full range of pleasant smells from apple pie to the sweet smell of a prairie rose. I have about fifty different receptor sells in each of my million taste buds that can taste, recognize, and blend the very flavors of once living things.

In addition, I have two powerful legs and two agile feet that can carry me to wherever the feast of my senses can best be enjoyed. I have two arms that can hold and two hands that can touch the ones I love. I have this wonderful brain that can integrate all these sensations and turn them into perceptions, and turn perceptions into thoughts whereby I can understand the deepest mysteries of life. I am truly made for the divine purpose of experiencing life to the fullest.