Times like these are precious.
I love being with you,
sharing this journey to we know not where.
As the days spend themselves in turmoil,
I seek out your stabilizing presence
to attempt to find the answers to questions
that are beyond my ability to comprehend.

I cannot live with my secrets alone
so I seek out your wisdom
because I know you know me.
I seek out your empathy, to safely explore
the meaning and purpose of the chaos.

You are my friend as I am your friend.
You walk through this life with me,
and I walk through this life with you.
I know you will always be there for me,
and I will always be there for you.
You are my shoulder to lean on;
I faithfully give you my shoulder, my strength
when you feel your own paralyzing weakness.
I know you will still listen silently.
When you seek answers I do not have,
I will guide you with my sacred silence.
I don’t expect you to be there
when I want you to there,
but I know you will be there
just like I will always want to be there for you.

just because you want to be there,
just because I want to be there.

We decipher the mysteries of life together,
one day at a time,
one thought at a time,
one word at a time
one feeling at a time,
one sigh at a time,
one tear at a time,
one hug at a time.

We will find that space in time,
that moment in time,
that togetherness in time,
when all the answers will be shared in time
by two hearts beating together as one.