This poem is the winner of NIC poetry contest. It certainly fits with my series on Mental Wellness.

I See You All.

Orangutans bend forward,
use leaves as cover
and wait for the
crushing rain to stop

and the ladybug mother,
I just discovered, laid her eggs
in between the spikes
of a thistle; the perfect crib

and the chatter of meerkats,
warning each other there is
a reason to duck in and hide
and the tricky bird, airborne

its name escapes me now—

imitates meerkat danger call
and they duck in and hide
this bird then steals
the meal they had

and of course too, there is the man
the one who is always limping,
rain or shine, I see him
downtown all the time

and the woman, the one with dark hair
who hop-skips when she is high
yes, that one, the one with sores on her face
I see her too, even when she is not there

and the teenager, the one who hangs out
by the bridge in the woods
below the middle school
yes, him, the one who moves like a shadow

where are their meerkats,
now that everything is sideways—
is there a call for them,
urging them back inside?