We walk the Earth alone,
alone with our own thoughts,
alone with our own feelings,
until we find a friend
who is more than a friend,
more than a lover,
a soul mate,
a kindred spirit.

They have their own life;
we have our own life;
but we share a life.
We share our private thoughts;
we share our deepest feelings.

Our paths have crossed
and will now always be shared.
They understand us,
and we understand them,
because we walk the same path;
we see the same things;
we feel the same things.

We trust them with our anger;
we trust them with our tears.

We may disagree,
but we agree to disagree,
knowing an unkind word
will be seen for what it is,
just words,
just emotions,
but always cushioned in love,
always driven by desire
to be a true friend.

And so we share; we do not hesitate;
we are secure in trusting them
with our dreams, our sorrows,
our fears, our hopes,
our past, our tomorrows.