“My name is safe in your mouth,” – from the mouths of babes. This is a statement by a five year old describing trust. All of us have secrets. All of us have lived through moments of regret and shame. As we age, friends of youth disappear one by one leaving just their memories behind. But they have taught us how to live, how to love. At times in the past, life may have become too hard to bear and we sought them out again to listen, to help us process the lies and the truth. We knew there would be no judgment, no prejudice. We confidentiality shared our sacred past trusting they would hold our secret in a reverend manner, and guard it with their heart and soul. As the years have flown past, we still remember these friends and share these same thoughts and feelings. Even if we are apart in distance and time, we will always have these shared sacred moments.

Opening the Past

My friend, though we are apart in the now,
we are eternally together in the past,
and that past will always be a part of our present.
It is locked into the patterns of our minds.

Whenever I feel sorrow or regret,
you are still here to comfort me
with just a thought,
something you once said,
the hug we once shared.
I can feel you here not just beside me,
but in the very fibers of my being.
Time has no boundaries;
space has no distance;
you are always here with me.

My dear friend,
my soulmate,
my kindred spirit,
the past lives on in you and in me.
Even though the years have erased
the hopes and dreams we once shared,
even though you are now lost
in the confluence of humanity,
where our eyes can no longer sync in a smile,
and our bodies can no longer linger in a hug,
you are still here in my heart,
as real as the keys of this keyboard,
as real as the beating of this heart
that beats out the tune
of having loved and being loved.

It is this love we shared so innocently, so unconditionally,
that is the ME in me and the YOU in you,
the energy of true love
that will still be beating on
when we lie on our last bed
and release our last breath.