We are very interested in each other’s lives, the good, the bad, and the ugly. When we have news to tell, our friend is the first one that comes to mind. We think their opinion is highly important; we want to see that happiness and excitement on their face when they hear our good news, their expressions of sorrow when we share the bad, their desire to console and support when we share the ugly.

Above all, we just enjoy spending time with each other. My friend and I enjoy forest walks and seaside chatter. We stop to listen to our bird friends chirping and honking and squawking. We share a smile, a laugh, and sometimes a spontaneous song. We come away feeling better, planning for the next time that we can be together again.

My Friend

I know you care
so I am eager to share.
I know you are anxious to hear
what I have to say,
the big things and the little things
that come my way.

The new job that I have wished for,
the dreams and fears at my heart’s core,
remembering the moments we have shared
when our hearts have resonated in joy.
I can see it planted on your face;
I can hear the excitement in your voice.

Like the day my son was born,
or the day my heart was torn,
you have always been there with me
to share he good, the bad, the ugly,
the mundane, the complexity, the simplicity,
listening and laughing and weeping with me.