“First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear’d with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
Though, for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud,
Their children’s cries unheard that passed through fire.”
(John Milton, Paradise Lost)

the god of the underworld,
demands the sacrifice of children
from those who wish for immortality.
His priests play upon the fears of death,
and make a pact with the demons
to control the dread of losing control…
a bad draught,
a scorched Earth,
a virous that cannot be contained,
an economy in ruins.

(No! No! Someone is coming
to take away my guns
when there is evil at my door).

hate and fear shaped out of hot brass.

Oh my god, hot brass,
bullet casings,
again scattered on a red-hot floor,

His arms stretch out.
A screaming child
is placed between his hands.
The priests beat a drum.
Fathers cannot hear
the cry for help from their sons.
Mothers cannot hear
the sobs of their daughters.
Hands are tied.
No action can be taken
to save each other’s children
from the fires of fear.

A million miles away,
the priests chant out their message
to the insane beating of a different drum,
“We must have our guns
to beat back the villains at our doors.
Children must be sacrificed.
It is absolutely necessary.
We must have the power
to fight against the forces
that want to tear our idols down.”

The victims disappear
like drops of water on a red-hot plate.
White smoke rises amidst a scarlet cloud.
We watch and chant the chant
and dance the dance of the drums.

The appetite of the god is never appeased.
He holds out his hands for more.

A Supreme Court decision, District of Columbia v. Heller, recently rewrote the Second Amendment creating a constitutionally guaranteed right for any individual to possess a gun. Just a few weeks ago, two Trump-appointed judges struck down a California law that banned adults under the age of 21 from buying semi-automatic weapons. And then an eighteen-year-old troubled young man murdered nineteen elementary school children with an assault rifle.

As a Canadian, it is difficult to understand what is happening in the United States. As a teacher of introductory college level American and World History, I think I can offer some insight into this question. The right to bear arms stems from the second amendment which was part of a package of twelve amendments that constitute the American Bill of Rights. It was created in 1791 after the American revolution and the creation of the American constitution. Essentially it was designed as a means for state citizens who were members of state militias (that were essential to the success of the revolution) to keep and potentially bear arms against another oppressive national government such as they had experienced under the rule of King George and the British parliament.

Essentially this is what the right-wing side of American demographics is fighting for. They want to have access to assault-type weapons in case powers within government circles make an attempt to take away their rights. In today’s world right wing activists believe they must resist any and all laws and programs initiated by social minded progressives (It is interesting to note that Americans associate socialism with the evils of communism instead of a democratic process). To millions of Americans the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is out of control socialism attempting to illegally take control of government. This might explain why there is such support for overturning the election results of 2020, that somehow the election had been stolen even though there was no legal evidence of it in the courts of law.

Which then brings us to the second level of absurdity – the courts must be in on it even though many of the judges deciding the cases were appointed by President Trump. This leads to the basis of the conspiracy theories sweeping not only the US but seeming to be popping up all over the world. They believe there is a worldwide progressive movement to take over the powers of national governments and create a world-wide government that will usher in a new world order. This leads into the evangelical Christian fear related to the Book of Revelations of an antichrist waiting to seize the world which might help explain why Christians are irrationally against anything that they perceive as evil such as abortion, LGBQT rights, and covid vaccines which many believe is the mark of The Beast.

Which brings us to Moloch. I now switch from historian to psychologist. My personal belief is that there is no Satin and there is no Moloch but just the working of human minds that want to individually and collectively control the resources of this world to insure their own survival. When that sense of control is lost, it can lead to irrational and destructive behavior. We can individually and collectively enter into a sympathetic stage where we react through fear and anger. As a spiritually minded conscious person, I see this as individual negative energies combining to form a collective negative energy that we might view as evil. When this affects large groups of people, it can form a massive collective ball of irrational energy composed of hundreds of millions (and when we look at the world picture, it is in the billions) of insecure unconscious minds. This is the same kind of energy that we see coming from Russia. While we are at it, let’s include the USA here, and yes, Canada also. It is the same kind of evil that we witnessed from fascism and communism in the 20th century that resulted in the loss of millions of lives.

Is this evil? Yes, but it is collective human evil not satanic. It is why people feel they need to hold onto their assault rifles. It is why we want to keep immigrants out of our countries even though they are merely wanting to do what we want to do – survive. It is why we want to hang onto the anger components of religion and ignore the message of love and literally fight against the right of a woman to be in control of her own body and to fight against the rights of LGBQT people to have an opportunity to live their own lives.

All of this is alarming and a genuine cause for concern. But the real question is – when are we going to stop sacrificing our children to the fires of fear and hate, to Moloch?