Appreciation is the acceptance and love of life as it is. The practice of appreciation begins in the heart, becomes a light in our eyes, and travels onto our faces with a smile. It is the practice of looking for the good in life, in others, and in ourselves. It can be a hot cup of coffee on a cold day, a smile shared with a stranger, or a dinner shared with friends or family. When these things happen, our soul responds with positive vibrations which flow from our heart and into our mind and body.

As in the case of gratitude, appreciation is related to the gentle emotions that keep our heart centered and our mind at peace. We live longer and love better thus creating positive energies to pass on to others. When we appreciate life, it becomes a mirror to our soul so that we can reflect to others the joys of living a conscious life.

Appreciation of nature is the healing substance of my Higher Self. My mind goes quiet and just lets my body experience sensations through my senses. My body absorbs vibrations of harmony from nature which bring peace and contentment to my mind, a love response from my heart, and a feeling of joy to my soul.

Nature’s Gifts

I cherish nature’s gifts.
I see with my heart
all the treasures given by Mother Earth
and I appreciate:

the morning sun that brings in a new day,
the flowers that bloom in my garden,
the rabbits, and even the raccoons,
that frequent my yard,
the eagles that fly overhead
casting a shadow on my lawn,
the plaintive cries of the seagulls,
the honking of the geese,
and the haunting sounds of the loons
that echo across Baynes Sound,
these eyes that see all,
these ears that hear all,
this mind that creates and remembers,
and this heart that feels and loves.