The Run

So much energy, so much blessed energy,
propels the young to excel at something,
a place to call home, a cause to celebrate,
a purpose to explore, meaning to be felt,
feelings to be understood and enlivened
with the passion of a race in time.

They chase the wind that swishes through the evergreens.
They set that pace that becomes an ancient rhythm.
They embrace the first wave of pain and ride it out to bliss,
that flow of life that defines meaning and purpose,
that moment where they can live just for the moment,
free to sense the sensations that manifest themselves
in the sacred place between time and space.

And we run with them;
their passion becomes our passion;
their cause becomes our cause.
Together we bring meaning to the pain.
We keep our passions moving towards compassion,
a love that exists beyond the threshold of endurance.
And so we give when there is nothing left to give.
We embrace their pain and the pain of others.
We keep moving towards the time
when we can all enjoy the thrill of the race,
the passion to be felt from the wind on our face.

We find purpose; we find meaning in the purpose.
We find purpose and meaning in the human race.
We live and breathe and run with passion.

Two young men, Jack and Joel, decided one morning to do something most people were telling them they could not do and were crazy to even try. These two young men are passionate people. They are passionate about running. One day they decided to do something that would be challenging and exciting while making a contribution to a good cause. Joel was first to conceive the idea. He wanted to challenge his commitment and endurance. He wanted to run from Port Hardy to Victoria, a distance of approximately 450 Kilometers. He approached Jack, a fellow track star and friend, who was reluctant to join in because of the physical toll it would place on his body, particularly the jarring sensations on the ankles and knees as the feet strike the pavement several thousand times a day. They got together with another young man, Robert, who wanted to film the trip and put together a series of videos and perhaps a documentary. All they needed was a cause.
Jack and Joel both had times in their lives when they were part of a single parent family. Jack had been on his own since he was sixteen and understood the obstacles that young people from single-parent families have to face. They contacted the people at 1UP Victoria who were delighted to be the focus for their passionate run down the length of Vancouver Island. 1UP Victoria is a program to help single parents with some of the difficulties they experience in our sometimes hard and cold society. They provide some practical things like clothing, diapers, toiletries, and school supplies. They also give emotional support through a counseling program, mentoring, education, and parent coaching. The three young men put together a GoFundMe Account and hit the road.
Because of their circumstances, the rainy season in November was the only time they make the run. After several days on the road though cool damp weather, some snow, and a lot of rain, they were looking for a place that would give them a touch of home. Since Robert is our nephew, they arrived at our door on Sunday evening for dinner. Our home in Fanny Bay is pretty well at the halfway point on the Island, a good place to stop and rest for the night. We had a delightful evening of talk and laughter as they related their experiences and insights
Once again, I come away impressed with the young people of today who see life and life’s issues as a challenge and not just a hopeless set of problems. They are willing to follow their passions and use their gifts and talents for a good cause. They know how to operate in this new society and take the best things from social media and employ them to help those who are helping others. They are an inspiration to us to do the same, find our passion and turn it into compassion. We are all challenged to do something with our gifts and talents that can make a difference for someone who needs a helping hand. Having lived in a single parent family with nine children, I cannot overstate how important it is to help the mothers, fathers, and especially the children of single parent families find the support and encouragement they need to survive in this increasingly difficult society in which we live.

If you wish to contribute to this cause try: