Search for Truth

Don’t lie to me.
Don’t lie to yourself.
Don’t modify your truth
so that it distracts us
from doing something real
for a cause that is real.
Don’t disguise truth with platitudes
to make yourself look
more righteous than you are.
Don’t make yourself into a victim
to garner sympathy
when your problems seem so minute
compared to those who have nothing.
Don’t try to hide the truth in mysticism.
Don’t define the truth by your religion,
your doctrines that confine and discriminate.
Don’t try to expose the truth in another
who wants to hide from pain.
Oh god don’t.

Then let us not define ourselves as anti-racist
Or ant-animal cruelty
Or anti-establishment
Or antivaccers
Or anti Freedom Convoy
Or anti-anything.

Let us define ourselves as seekers of justice,
seekers of mercy,
seekers of brotherhood,
where everyone is seen
just as they are,
where every word is heard
without bias
where all our actions
are guided by compassion.

Let us just see life as it is.
Just let me see and meet the real you
so that you can meet and see the real me,
and let us together begin to change this world
into a better place
where truth is the basis for action
and action is guided by the heart.

During the past week the conservatives elected a new leader, Pierre Poilievre. In spite of (or perhaps because of) some radical beliefs, I find his honesty and straightforwardness quite refreshing. In many ways he is riding the wave of a populist movement similar to the MAGA phenomenon that is happening in the US including beliefs in conspiracies and national and international cabals. However, Poilievre is no Donald Trump and does not seem to be using his newfound popularity to gain power or to feather his own nest. He is a young but tried politician who really believes in what he is saying.

Poilievre was born in Calgary to a 16-year-old single mother, adopted by francophone schoolteacher parents, and raised in Calgary. He was elected as a Conservative to the House of Commons in 2004 at the age of twenty-four. Harper elevated him to his cabinet in 2013, making him minister of state for democratic reform. In that role, Poilievre introduced the controversial Fair Elections Act. Poilievre was then made minister of Employment and Social Development in early 2015. He is a kind of unapologetic conservative who knows what he stands for and is not afraid to speak his truth as he sees it.

He said he would ban all future vaccine mandates related to work and travel — a message that aligns with the stated goals of the trucker protests in Ottawa. Poilevre marching with the Freedom Convoy was my first glipms of perhaps the next prime minister of Canada. I too believe the vaccine mandates were badly mishandled. In fact, I believe they were not necessary at all and showed a complete lack of faith by the government towards the people of this nation. Extreme measures should have been strongly suggested by the medical community with the full support of the government but not mandated and certtainly not  criminalized. As far as the Freedom Convoy is concerned, the cross-border truckers had a legitimate beef. In particular, the mandate that truckers are required to be vaccinated when crossing the border made little sense, especially at a time when there was a shortage of truckers, several supply chain issues, and empty grocery store shelves. Their livelihoods were being challenged. The government should have met with them as citizens of Canada with a legitimate concern and let them present their petition. I am sure a compromise could have been reached. The government again overreached by seizing peoples trucks and even investigating Canadians who had donated to the Freedomm Convoy and to individual truckers who were relatives and respected members of their communities.

His campaign also promises to repeal Bill C-11, which he said would give the CRTC too much authority to regulate online content and restrict freedom of speech. Again, I do not believe the government should be restricting free speech. Most Canadians are smart enough to evaluate what they see and hear through the media and less restrictive methods can be used to tag dangerous material. Once the written word begins to circulate most Canadians will be able to discern the truth and it can open the door to honest discussion. He also said he would repeal the carbon tax and change federal regulations to approve oil and gas projects and pipelines. I disagree with this policy because I believe the science that indicates drastic measures need to be taken to protect the environment. He would defund the CBC. Again, I disagree, He has vowed to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada whom he blames for the high inflation. Again, I disagree. He insists that sharply reducing government spending would solve the problem of inflation in Canada. I agree to some of this thinking but it is not that simple and where to you start cutting when the major expences like health care, education and social serviceds are already drastically underfunded.  But it should be explored and government inefficiencies should be elimnated. He promoted cryptocurrencies as a way to gain back control of money policies from bankers and politicians. I believe there is great merit in this argument. At present the big banks all operate as a financial international oligarchy controlling the money flow around the world. Cryptocurrency may force then to compete. Poilievre also has vowed that no minister in his government would attend the annual conference of the World Economic Forum, an organization that is the subject of various conspiracy theories. Shame on me, I know practically nothing about this organization. There might be some truth here. In 2008, during a radio interview he challenged giving money as compensating for Indigenous residential school survivors. This one smacks of white supremacy. These people were wrongly treated and their lives damaged. They deserve access to the courts of law and perhaps even further compensation.

Whatever our beliefs on these issues, at least his policies are now out in the open for debate and can be used as issues for discussion for the next election. I respect him for that. Poilievre has given me something to think about. I don’t agree with everything he says but I defend his right to say it. At least now we can have an honest and open discussion. Who knows, I might even vote for the guy. At least I would know what I am getting.