Love Voices
(From my new book soon to be published – The Magic of Love)

I hear voices, love voices,
telling me who to love and how to love.
When I listen with my heart,
I hear anguish, a steady stream.
My heart urges me to reach out
to touch, to hug, and to love.
My gut tells me I will be swallowed up
by a bottomless pit of need.
My conscious mind tells me
it is time to move on.
My Higher Self hears and walks away,
but lets my heart weep.

I hear voices.
All my life I have heard voices
telling me to get up and do something
that will make a difference for someone,
another day, another chance to be,
another chance to find themselves
amidst a storm of chaos.

I hear voices telling me I can make a difference,
and so I sit here at five in the morning
listening for that quiet voice
that comes from deep within
giving me words to shares, words that can heal,
words that can show a way to the place of sanity,
that sanctuary where we can find rest and peace,
that sanctuary where we can find ourselves
and know that this life is indeed precious.


By definition intuition is, “the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.” It bridges the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind. In a physical sense it is based on implicit memories combined with the integration of all our senses through the thalamus that produces an autonomic response. It is a physical gut feeling usually involving the amygdala and the sensation of fear. As such it is a warning not to do something that our subconscious mind detects as some form of danger. However, we are not only like animals with basic instinct, we have the distinct advantage of having both instinct and reason. We can evaluate the gut feeling and act accordingly. Intuition thus is a feeling somewhat between instinct and reason.
However, there is another dimension of intuition from the Higher Self that knows that a certain action is the correct pathway for that situation. It is perhaps what we associate with ESP in that it is beyond the control of our senses and our bran response. It can be based on a feeling of love from the heart that encourages us to reach out spiritually to someone in need. It can be the revelation from the soul of what path to take to bring us in line with the greater good for ourselves and others. It may be that inner voice, that word of wisdom, from within that tells us what may need to be done to resolve a complex problem or challenge. It is a knowing, a sensation that appears quietly in our consciousness without us being fully aware of its origins. It is not an either or but rather a blending of the intuition from the heart and soul and knowledge from the mind. The Higher Self searches through the past, present, and future and connects reasoning from the mind with insights from the soul and love from the heart. We seek balance.
We can develop our powers of intuition. One way is to keep a Journal where we write our thoughts and feelings down on paper, letting our Higher Self guide and open up our feelings until we sense a basic truth. We can be poets and painters letting our inner self free to create from the heart and soul. We can set our inner voice free to build blocks of intuition, anything that allows feelings to stir from within and connect with our life experiences, our life story. We can seek and enjoy solitude and just let silence take over. We practice mindfulness by observing everything around us without forming thoughts about what we see. When we are with others, we try to connect at a deeper level. We listen to what they are saying rather than thinking about what we will say next. We listen to our bodies and let them speak to us through our intuitive self. We pay attention to our day and nighttime dreams. We become aware of our emotions and mindfully let go of negative energy and embrace the positive. We plan and live through the heart that brings everything we do and feel under the umbrella of love for ourselves and for others. We then bring in our rational mind to help clarify that inner voice and set a course of action to get us back on the path to self-actualization.