These bonds grip my heart
Tying it up in gently flowing knots,
Shaping the cup of love which expands and holds
Every ounce of love that my heart creates.
And the sorrows of life cannot break it.

It flows first to you my dear lost mother,
Lost in your own sorrows
And now lost from my senses to hold you.
You are free to be the angel you always were
So that I can now sense your presence here in my heart.

And you my dear children,
Grown to be the focus of my thoughts,
The pride of my heart.
I love you with a love that will never die.
My soul energy greets you each morning
My heart energy still kisses you goodnight.

And you my brothers and sisters
Who have been there for me through the years
To hold your baby brother in your loving arms
As I have held you in return
In a hug that holds the meaning of life.

All these bonds encircle me, hold me in
So that I cannot explode with doubt
When badgered by the storms of life,
Letting me know that love is always there