I Believe

I rejoice in my power to believe.
Through the wisdom of my mind and heart,
I live to design, to create, and to fashion,
a piece of my own reality that is magical.

I create hope from the fragments of despair.
I possess the wisdom to shape a thought
that can change this dark and dreary place
Into my own sanctuary, my own Shangri-La.

I believe I am sharing the power of creation
with all who weave the magic of believing.
We are changing the reality of this world
simply and miraculously because we believe.

Together we can create this beautiful us,
dazzling souls who transcend body and brain,
where we can feel the breath of all that is
and reshape our world just because we believe.

My Belief Statement

Our beliefs create our feelings, and our feelings shape our actions. If we do not have a firm set of beliefs, we become victims of every whim of our own passions, society’s passions, and the passions of people who attempt to control our choices for their own purposes. Perhaps the most important thing we can do as human beings is to clarify and solidify what it is that we truly believe, not just from our bodies and minds but from our hearts and souls. I think it is wise to write our own personal belief statement.

The human mind has to believe in something, but we can choose what we believe and that makes all the difference. The mind is made up of a complex system of neural pathways that connect processing centers to our prefrontal cortex. Together they create our mind states or beliefs. These mind states are made up of past images, memories, thoughts, and emotions. Whenever the mind is confronted with a new situation, it checks these mind states and acts according to these beliefs. However, we have another resource which I refer to as the higher self that can serve as a check and balance on our minds. The higher self is a combination of heart and soul. The soul focuses on the greater good for ourselves and for mankind in general while the heart provides the energies of love and compassion needed to put our beliefs into action.

I believe that this life is not just a random occurrence in a sea of chaos. I believe I am here for a purpose, and that purpose at this point in my life is to write poems to help people expand and grow as human beings. I put my thoughts and feelings into words, images, and emotional patterns and rhythms. My intent is to create positive energy. But really isn’t that what life is all about? Our work is just an extension of who we are: our skills, talents, beliefs, and dreams. If we first make a conscious effort to believe that we are important and the work that we do is important, we can then give ourselves permission to be proud of who we are and what we do. This power or belief can then gives life to our work.

The power behind my ability to create is unconditional love first for myself, my soulmate, my  family, my circle of friends, and then for people out in society in general. In my own journey I have learned to manifest unconditional love through the love I have for my children. I have transferred the essence of my body, mind, and soul to them. There are no conditions. I have given them all I have to give without question. I expect nothing in return. I love them just for who they are. I believe that it is through this kind of unconditional love that I became a conscious person. After I learned to appreciate that I had indeed manifested unconditional love for my children, I was finally able to manifest unconditional love for myself. I was then able to manifest this love outward to my life-partner. I was then free to use my gifts and talents to make this world a better place to live. I now experience the flow of agape love which is the positive feelings and vibrations I can share with my fellow human beings. I manifest agape love through acts of empathy, compassion, and kindness.

In the past I connected belief with faith and connected faith with religion, and religion with a place in the afterlife. However, I no longer live my life in hopes of an afterlife. I live my life purely for the joy of the positive energy I can experience as love flows around me and through me to my life-partner, my family, my friends, and my fellow human beings.