We are one,
not in mind,
not in some kind of brotherhood of thought,
not in the us group versus the them group,
not in the conscious versus the unconscious,
not even by desperately holding onto
our bubble of family and friends.

We are one in that your spirit
shares the same energy field as my spirit,
so that together we share in the One Spirit,
a calm steady vibration that stirs your heart and mine
urging us to unite for the only common cause,
to create and distribute love to all in need of a hug.

We are the circle of all who remember life before birth
through the heart love of our hearts
and an awareness of the sweet sensations of our souls.
We are conscious of the life we all share
each with an infinite capacity to love and be loved,
and with an unquenchable desire
to share our essence with each other.
We share a common purpose.
We live to create love and celebrate the joy of life.

“”In our quest for happiness and the avoidance of suffering, we are all fundamentally the same, and therefore equal. Despite the characteristics that differentiate us – race, language, religion, gender, wealth and many others – we are all equal in terms of our basic humanity.” (Dalai Lama on twitter)

The concept of oneness is a growing popular belief these days, rapidly becoming the new religion of the information generation. Everyone is getting into the act, replacing old beliefs in God with attempts to create a marriage of spirit with science. A new breed of charlatans is using the new spirituality to create programs and podcasts to lead us to utopia for just a few dollars a day. So where does the truth lie. Better yet, where lies the truth?
One truth, perhaps the only truth, is that as human beings we are searching for meaning and purpose. It has become a popular statement that we “find our voice” and “speak our truth”, implying that each of us has our own individual truth. But is there a common truth that unites us all, a Spirit of Oneness that is a universal force? Perhaps God?

The concept that all is energy and that we all share the energy fields of thoughts and actions has been around for thousands of years; now we are attempting to explain it scientifically using quantum physics. The explanation is that we too are just energy that flows from cell to cell and into the molecules within the cells that make up our proteins, our genes and whatever else we can find within the cell itself. We are indeed not only a community of cells that create organs and our physical bodies, but also we are a concentration of energy that unites us with other concentrations of energy, creating a universal flow of sentient energy. It is a simple addition to believe that together we create a universal force, that we are collectively, in fact, God.

If this sounds a bit too much like heresy, we can always create a new religion. I have been on this planet now for more than my three score and ten. I have discovered that what goes around comes around. I was a very precocious child who accepted without question that there was a God out there, a father I never had, who cared about me and protected me from myself and others. I remember as an eight year old getting up by myself to attend mass as an altar boy at seven in the morning. I remember sitting alone in the church feeling the presence of the Spirit while keeping my focus on the flame that burned beside the altar, signaling the presence of God. As a young man I made plans to be a priest in the Catholic Church. Then came university and a time of questioning. Then head over heels in love introducing me to the Pentecostal Church raising my hands to heaven and sincerely “praising the Lord”. Then later back to the Catholic Charismatic movement and a blend of tradition and the movement of the Holy Spirit. I entered full steam into this life and felt the movement of the Spirit through my body and through my hands so that I could sense this overpowering energy flow through me and onto others. I was part of spiritual moments that were nothing less than miracles. Then disillusionment, divorce and depression and a new search for meaning.

So what does Oneness mean to me today? I have set aside the legalism and the doctrines of us and them, and I have once again come back to the reality I knew as a child. Forget science. Forget religion. I know my own truth. I know there is a Spirit, perhaps the Holy Spirit, perhaps the Source, perhaps the Universe itself, that expresses itself through the power of an energy that can only be described as Love. I know that in this life I am truly alone with my own thoughts and feelings, and that the only Oneness I will ever experience is through and with this flow of love energy that is a part of me and of which I am a part. I know that when I open my heart to this flow of love I intuitively understand my meaning and purpose. My purpose is to seek unity with this divine flow of love that brings the only true peace and joy I will ever know, go where it leads me, and do whatever it brings into my day. But above all, I am now honored to love myself, love this life I have, and love all who share this life with me bringing into realization the meaning and truth I have been seeking all along.