I was searching the web for indigenous poetry for this issue and it reminded me of the purpose of poetry which is to create the emotional stories behind the words and pictures. I believe there is an untapped power in poetry mainly because poetry is now just an intellectual pursuit for people imitating the present styles and sharing their insights with other poets. We have lost the mainstream audience and therefore our opportunities to bring our skills to dealing with today’s issues. These indigenous poets spoke from the heart. Nothing fancy, just pure raw emotion spoken in the full power of the English Language. I admit, I cried through every one of them. There is a spiritual power in their poetry, a spiritual energy, that transfers from the writer and speaker directly to the hearts of the reader and listener.

As a Canadian with a long history of being involved with indigenous issues I believe there is no greater injustice and national sorrow than what is happening today with the indigenous children and youth of this nation. The sad thing is that there is so much we can do to make things better but we simply lack the will to do so. I have featured the story of an indigenous young man and two indigenous poets who are trying to make a difference. 

1. Guest Video – Adoptions and Foster Care of Indigenous Children. I go with my heart on this one because of the struggles that my indigenous son experienced by being adopted into our white middle-class home.
2. Poetry with Purpose features my poem – My Chosen Son – and my views on reconciliation and the dangers of intellectual extremism on systemic racism.
3. Poetry with Purpose features my poem – Reconciliation
4. Guest Poet – A powerful Spoken Word, Quiet, by Mary Black
5. Guest Poet – Aboriginal Poets by Albert Dumont