There is always a brain pattern, a neural pathway,
that pursues a sequence of images and thoughts,
leading to a plan, a set of goals, a list of objectives,
and I live and work and play according to the plan,
passing days in constructive and destructive turmoil,
building a life out of fragments of thought and time.

There is another pattern, the pattern of the universe,
that exists far beyond the limits of my human mind,
an underlying meaning that links all my experiences.
There is a primal source that weaves this pattern.
It beckons my soul to blend my purpose with compassion.
My mind has finally yielded to this desire of my soul,
and an Infinite power has become a part of me,
and I have become a part of it.

This presence now exists outside of me but in me.
What happens on the outside happens on the inside.
What happens on the inside happens on the outside,
and I am blessed with an infinite understanding
that there is indeed a divine pattern linking all.
I am the eye that sees.
I am the ear that hears.
The supernatural is now the natural.
I am separated from this pattern by thought and time,
but I am connected to all that is by the essence of ME.

Quiet Quitting

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” (Lau Tzu)

There is a new phenomenon taking place within Generation Z. Just recently it has become more defined and taken on a name. It is called Quiet Quitting. It may be an unfortunate term because it is not really about quitting; it is about beginning to live, truly live. People are beginning to view life in a different way. They are still doing the work required, but they are no longer willing to let their work consume all their time and energies. Their lives are no longer based on the old paradigm of devoting all waking hours to the job.

Generation Z is accepting the idea that their life has to have greater meaning and purpose than just amassing wealth and power. They can see the injustice of this when 1,803 million, over one-fifth of the global population, live below the poverty line earning less that two dollars a day and over two-fifths (3,293 million people) live below $5.50 a day. Canada is not doing much better. The poverty rate is 11.6% which is defined as a state of being in which a person lacks the income (or other means of support) to reliably meet their basic personal needs.

Accepting that life has greater meaning and purpose than just inflating our egos with material things is perhaps the best gift we can give ourselves. We accept we have powerful electromagnetic energies that flow from our hearts that give us the power to love and bond with other human beings. We accept we have unlimited sentient energy that connects us with other conscious souls and ultimately with the universal source of life and love. We realize that if we go past our rational processes, we can become conscious of the existential meaning of life. We begin to develop our powers of intuition and empathy. This empowers our Higher Selves to seek deeper meaning and purpose so we can grow into compassionate people who want to make a difference in this world. We can become part of the life-force that strives for the greater good.

We still have goals, but they are no longer based on just the workings of our rational minds that ignore information so they can justify seeking wealth and power. The key is to use the creative parts of our minds to make a difference. For example, my mind keeps telling me that publishing books of poetry is a waste of time because there is no hope of fame or making enough money from the sales of my books to justify the time and energy it takes to write them. However, I have had sufficient feedback to know my poems help some people see life in a more positive way. I also accept that I have a mind that has been affected by my child and adult experiences that have made it difficult to share my work with others. I accept that this may be related to my mind’s fear of rejection and that this fear may be getting in the way of publishing and marketing. Like Generation Z, I am learning to accept that there is something wrong with this scenario. I know that my purpose at this stage in life is to create these beautiful poems, but my goal is not to gain wealth or fame. The purpose of my poetry to reach out and share my insights with those who are seeking greater meaning and purpose.

The purpose of living then is to accept and respect ourselves just the way we are while keeping in focus a vision of how we are meant to be. This may require quiet quitting. We quit listening to other people and other forces in our society that tell us how to live and act. We quit listening to our minds that strive to amass resources and become alpha females and males. We begin to attend to the voices of our hearts and souls. Only then do we become part of the solution of understanding and compassion. Only then do we base our productivity on the needs of others. Instead of being a part of the problem of greed, anger, and waste, we become a part of the community of conscious soul who strive to make our world a better place to live.