Just before entering Baynes Sound you come to the village of Bowser. Bowser is situated in the area known as Lighthouse Country so named for the stretch of coast between the two lighthouses in Qualicum Bay and Deep Bay. The community of Bowser is named after William John Bowser, who served as the premier of British Columbia from 1915-1916. It was established in 1914 during the construction of the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway. Logging and tourism are the main industries. If you have time, stop in at the Salish Sea Market in Bowser for a view of some of the outstanding works of talented artists from the area. Hopefully you may find a copy of this book there once it is printed.

If you are looking for something different to do, Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park is the perfect place to experience spelunking (cave exploration). You can also get in your canoe or kayak and explore the shoreline. If you want a place to picnic and enjoy a fresh warm water swim try out Spider Lake. Saltwater fishing charters are also available.

There are many scenic trails in the area including the Lighthouse Regional Trail for hiking or cycling. My favorites are the Donkey and Thames Trails that are located side by side. There are two old Douglas Fir trees on the Thames that I call Mr. and Mrs. Doug.

Old Doug

I see you my friend.
I have come once more
to bow down before your crown,
to place my hands
upon your scarred trunk
and feel the vibration
and witness the sensation
of life flowing
through all parts of your being.

I have returned my friend
to open up my spirit to your life force
to share in your community of living things.

As I release my soul in mindful meditation
we become one with all each other.
Your energy flows into my energy
and  my energy flows into your energy.
We create a vibration, a resonance,
where I experience your ancient wisdom
where truth is expressed without thought or words.