Qualicum Bay is part of the area known as Lighthouse Country. From Qualicum bay you can stroll down to the mouth of Nile Creek as it pours through the rocky beach into the Salish Sea. From there you can gaze across the Salish Sea to the Coast Mountains, a continuous mountain chain extending from the Fraser Lowlands to the Yukon. From there you can see the snow and glacier capped peaks that flow down into the Salish Sea providing hundreds of rock-bed shores that are the home for shellfish and, of course, the hundreds of short fast-moving rivers that provide perfect spawning grounds for the salmon. The Pacific air currents when they meet the mountains rise and create clouds that create the rain forests, home to some of the most beautiful nature hiking paths in the world. From here you can gaze down at Denman and Hornby Islands and the beginning of Baynes Sound.

European settlers began to arrive in this area in the late 1800’s, searching for homesteads or working in the logging and fishing industries. Land grants given by the E&N Railway Company gave rise to many farming and logging settlements which eventually became Deep Bay, Bowser, and Qualicum Bay. From there you can move into the bays of Baynes Sound – Mud bay, Fanny Bay, and Buckley Bay. The bays of Baynes Sound and the glacier-formed rock shelves form the best oyster beds in the world.

Yesterday afternoon my love and I walked along the lonely beach between Qualicum Bay and the mouth of Nile Creek, just the two of us. We pulled out our lawn chairs, put our feet up on an old piece of driftwood, and pulled out some snacks and a good book from the picnic basket. We sat there for two hours letting our eyes drift rom time to time across the Salish Sea to the white-topped mountains of the Coastal Range giving our minds a mindful moment, a chance to rest for awhile and wander into the land of daydreams. We have found our special place, our laughing spot, a place where daydreams can come true.

Dreams Can Come True

Qualicum Bay calls.
It offers a collection of moments
where we can transcend ourselves,
a place of peace and beauty that is ever here.

Two miles of shore line,
oyster shells mingle
with tide-rounded stones,
while seagulls cry,
and sea lions bark in the distance,
calling to come and touch,
to enjoy but never own.
Eagles keep watch,
and giant Dougs and Cedars
guard the shores.

Two people much in love
with each other and with life,
stroll slowly along the beach
without another human being in sight.
Their dreams come true,
because they dare to dream
and manifest dreams into reality.
They live in harmony with all that is.

Those two people are my love and I.
We have opened up our hearts
to experience a world
of infinite possibilities,
free of the blinding lights
and the sounds of angst.