Questions from Sitting on the Edge

We sit here on the edge, my friends and I,
Safe on our high perch watching time go by.
The angry waves crash upon the rocks below;
We strive to understand what we do not know.

What can I do with the sorrow that I see?
How can I come to grips with what cannot be?
Shall I just ignore the struggle and the anxiety
Of those who only see a dark and bleak reality?

So many lost at sea in this cruel winter storm,
So many searching for a shelter to be safe and warm,
So much destructive uncertainty, so much human misery,
So much helplessness, such deep feelings of impossibility.

Is there any hope for a just and better tomorrow?
Is there any smile still buried beneath the sorrow?
Shall we just hunker down and pretend pain does not exist?
Shall we just curse life and shake a closed and angry fist?

I must believe in a different life that I cannot yet see.
I must search diligently for the dream that still can be.
So I offer my hand, come friend and offer yours.
We will find open windows where others see closed doors.

Let us shut our eyes and see with our heart and soul
The shattered dreams revisited, new hopes a goal,
A new world nurtured with blind hope and compassion,
A new reality birthed from love’s creative imagination.

Hope you are well. I am spending too much time watching the news and you are the only ones I can spout off to. Everyone else does not seem to care and does not seem to understand what is happening. So a few thoughts for the New Year.

Negative lessons from this year’s news:

1. We have seen what can go wrong with politics when we elect people based on how they appeal to our own wants and fears. Electing people to govern is no longer rational but has become totally emotional. Those who get our attention through fear or anger get our vote. This opens up an avenue for charismatic people who have money and influence, but who are narcissistic and mentally unstable, to rule with catastrophic results. Politics is not a reality show. It is real with real consequences that affect the lives of real people.

2. What we are seeing now in the United States is completely about revenge against the American People. They rejected Trump and now he is doing everything within his power to cause them as much pain as possible before he is forced to leave office.

3. There is something obviously wrong with party politics in general. It is filled with some pretty selfish people who are in a bomb shelter mentality trying to survive politically so they can control the economy for their own financial interests and the interests of their friends.

4. The Russian connection is scary considering that Russian interests are heavily influenced by a set of criminals who are in bed with the Russian Mafia. This is beginning to look a lot like the dynamics that led to the Nazi Party and the coalition of fascists leading up to WW 2.

5. We have seen systemic racism has once again come to the surface, against African Americans is the US and against our own indigenous population here in Canada. We see how racism has been encouraged by leadership either overtly or by ignoring the hard cold facts. As a people we cannot seem to come to grips with the idea that all men and women are created equal and it is the responsibility of government, and those of us who choose our government, to ensure all Canadians have equal opportunity. Blowing up fish (lobster) processing plants and killing knife wielding emotionally disturbed citizens is not the answer.

Positive lessons for all:

1. We are at a turning point. Self-interest politics has gone so far that the majority of people are awakening to the reality on just how close we are to the end of civilization as we know it. We are going to see people fighting back. We are beginning to see people in power wanting to return to the facts and use their powers and resources to do what is right for a suffering world. Once the Covid issue is resolved, we will begin to see people focus their attention on other issues with a different understanding and compassionate mindset.

2. We are going to see that black lives matter in the US and indigenous lives matter here in Canada. There will be a renewed sense of justice and the establishment of policies based on compassion and human need rather than financial cost.

3. We are getting closer to seeing the need to understand, trust, and work with science to solve world issues one issue at a time. The same resources, energy, and world cooperation used to fight Covid will be applied to other issues like the environment.

4. Because of the huge deficits incurred around the world because of the pandemic, we will be forced to have a new perspective on how the economy works. We will have to face the realization that national debt is all on paper. Back to basics. We will have to come up with a new system where the government has the ability to create and distribute funds based on the Gross National Product (GNP), without incurring debt through deficits, treasury Bills, and government bonds. Time to have another look at the old Social Credit idea where the government can print and distribute funds as needed. The banks do not have to be involved. We can redistribute wealth through direct payments rather than make funds available through loans where banks can loan money based on having a 12 to 1 ratio of assets to loan capacity.

5. There is one GDP which is the total production of all Canadians working together which creates a pool of resources that has to be divided more fairly. We can no longer have 1% of the population controlling 60% of the country’s resources or 40 families controlling the whole world economy through a coalition of greed. This is not a game where the person with the most money wins.

6. Governments elected by the people should control the economy for the wellbeing of the economy as a whole and the needs of all the people who are responsible for the production of goods and services. Sound a bit like communism? No, there will always be a place for free enterprise and the skills needed to create wealth. Perhaps it is time to revisit the idea of social justice rationally but keep it out of the hands of sick people who take sound ideas like socialism, capitalism, and democracy and use them for their own personal interests, and sadly, to advance the sick intentions of their own sick minds.

7. The pandemic demonstrates clearly that we live in a global society. What infects or affects one of us can infect or affect us all. We need to be looking at a new type of relationship among nations and peoples of those nations. We are all in this dear planet together. We will either survive together or parish together. Personally I prefer surviving, not just for me, but for my children and grandchildren. I have faith that humans who know how to survive will find a way.

En”joy” the day, enjoy the year. Let’s make it special.