Am I a racist? I belong to a society that is dominated by white culture, and I think we can admit it is riddled with systemic racism. But does that make me a racist? If I agree with the label of racist that well-meaning people want to place on me just because I am Caucasian by birth, it would take away my individuality, my ability to rise above the flaws of my society.

No, I am not a racist. I am a spiritually conscious human being. Being conscious has two levels to it. It can simply be our mental awareness of a situation, but it can also have a deeper meaning. If I am spiritually conscious, I am guided by the power of love, love for myself, and love for every other human being that shares this planet with me.

Love is the appreciation of the gift of life that I can celebrate when I look at the unique characteristics of other human beings. I do not expect everyone to be and act like me; in fact, I celebrate the differences. I see people as part a culture and I celebrate the special qualities that people from that culture possess and share. But I also see the individual within that culture and celebrate her or his unique talents and gifts, his or her individuality.

As conscious souls, we do not compete with others for the resources of this abundant planet; we share; we cooperate with each other; we work together to make this world a better place. We are conscious of others who are struggling regardless of their race or culture and we come along side to support the individuals within that race or culture while being mindful of doing what we can to remove the roadblocks that have been placed against the group as a whole.

This is the essence of agape love, that force that binds all human beings together. It is the answer to every question facing mankind during these perilous times.

No! I Am Not Racist!

No! I Am Not Racist!
I refuse to accept the yoke of racism
that the unconscious want to place on my shoulders.
It is a burden I refuse to carry.

I am a conscious human being.
I am not white even though my culture is white.
My thoughts are not white.
I am not deaf to your struggle to be heard.

I am aware of differences in the pigments of our skin.
I am not blind; I am aware; I am conscious of the differences.
I am aware of the tendencies of my mind to see differences.
But my mind is controlled by my heart and soul
that sees only the inner beauty of another woman,
another man.
and I welcome the differences.

I celebrate the differences.
Don’t call me racist and dismiss me
as another source of hate.
Come teach me how to know you,
so I can see the free spirit in your beautiful body,
so I can feel your heart beat next to mine,
so I can sense your soul
seeking the same path through the darkness,

so I can celebrate your courage
to still love when facing ignorance and hate,

so I can welcome you into my family, my home,
so we can sit at the same table
and share the bread of life,

so I can celebrate the YOU in you.