There are so many problems facing the world today that there is a tendency to throw up our hands and say that we can do nothing about it. We ignore the underlying issues and just go about our lives. We try to pack in as many good moments as we can to counterbalance the negative flow of energy that seems to be all around us.

Historically it reminds me of the 1930’s that started with The Great Depression and led to World War 2. There was disillusionment with the old days of imperialism and benevolent monarchs and a mistrust in the democratic governments that seemed incapable of dealing with the economic and social issues of the day. This led to the belief that authoritarian governments had the powers to right all the wrongs and help us return to prosperity and a ‘normal life’ where we could focus on having a job and feeding our families. Unfortunately, the average family withdrew from the hope of democracy and gave our decision-making power to megalomaniacs who were determined to ride the waves of indifference to absolute power where they could intimidate and eliminate those who stood in their way. Then they moved on to taking out their anger and hate on those they saw as different or inferior. In those days it was antisemitism and The Final Solution. Those fears were feuled by lies based on the claim that the Jews were part of a plot to take over the world when in reality most jews were barely surviving in ghettos throughout Europe. In time of turmoil, we seem to need a scapegoat, someone to blame for things we cannot control.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the same wave of anger and indifference reoccurring today. Those in power, or who want to be in power, are playing on the fears of a dying world and the arrival of a pandemic that threatens not only our livelihood but our very lives. We are entering into a world based on the need to survive regardless of the effect it may have on others. This means controlling the resources. This means eliminating others competing for those resources. This means we ignore starvation, disease, and the score of natural catastrophes occurring around the world. There is the drive once again towards antisemitism. We look for other spiritual causes for natural problems. People from the LGBQT community, especially people who have or are in the process of transition, are being blamed as pawns of Satin who must be suppressed or even eliminated so God will bless our nation again. Perhaps we are not holding life sacred enough and abortions may be the cause of the breakdown of society. There is a need to control, and if you are in the minority that means control through violence and justifing your actions through religion. The irony is, of course, that Christianity advocates for compassion not hatred.

The answer to this dilemma is the same answer today as it was yesterday. Stand up for Truth. Use truth as the basis for decision making. Be patient with those who have different viewpoints. Try to identify the fears and motives behind their views. Be guided by the search for the greater good. And above all, make every decision with compassion.

Hate and Hope

Hate, I see it.
I hear it in harsh voices of anger.
I sense it in indifference.
It is a disease that grows in intolerance.
It feeds on fear.
It replicates in a vacuum free of positive energy.
It creates a negative energy that corrupts.
It stifles thought.
It warps truth.
It spews unkind words
that lead to unkind actions.
It is encouraged by inappropriate laughter.
It feeds off the pain of those who care.

Hope, I feel it.
I see it in acts of love.
I hear it in a gentle caring voice.
I sense it as it comes alive
when someone stops to say hello.
I feel a positive energy that encourages.
It thrives in hearts that feel and work together.
It is a elixir that heals indifference.
It feeds off the love of those who care.
It emboldens thought.
It magnifies truth.
It offers kind words
that lead to kind actions.
It is inspired by a smile.