The following is an excerpt from my next book yet to be published called A Book of Love.

We have a physical and spiritual center. It has two dimensions, vertical and horizontal. Horizontally, it flows through the midline of the chest; vertically it separates the left and right brain and left and right sides of our bodies.Physically we know that the brain separates functions with the left brain controlling the right side of the body and the right brain controlling the left side of the body. We also know that both sides of the brain are involved with most thoughts and activities, and that each side specializes in some specific functions. Brain imagery of fMRI’s show that most brain activity in centered in the Orbitofrontal Cortex, our rational (left side) and emotional (right side) self. But the OFC is not necessarily the center of our being.

The vertical and horizontal lines intersect in the heart; therefore, true centering begins and ends in the heart. We know that the heart is the most powerful source of energy in the body with an electromagnetic communication system that is five thousand times more powerful than the brain. We have also discovered that the heart has a bundle of about forty thousand neurons which may allow the heart to work with the brain to carry out some semi-cognitive functions such as positive feelings and emotions. We also know that the heart communicates these feelings to the brain through a complex system of neurotransmitters. This combined message from heart and brain releases hormones such as ANP and oxytocin which are responsible for body sensations related to affection and bonding. The activity of the heart neurons enables us to leave the anxiety of the overactive brain and enter a state of calmness in the body with reduced blood pressure and heart rate thereby establishing physical, and emotional homeostasis or balance. Once in this state of balance, the soul takes over.

The spiritual community has long recognized centering as a spiritual practice involving the seven chakras. They have to be centered along the vertical lines in our body, thereby combining left and right brain and body functions with spiritual energies. We see that the heart is horizontally the fourth or center chakra. If we stay centered in the heart, we naturally respond to life experiences with peace, love, and tenderness. We can stay spiritually and physically centered through meditation, mindfulness, and living in the moment. During this process we can focus our total energies on living purposefully and joyfully by maintaining body and heart integrity, and staying focused on our sense of self-love, wholeness, and worthiness. This ultimately leads to love for others, our life mates, family and others in our communities. Self-actualization brings us to a life of love and compassion

Love is not Lost

I have loved and lost,
But have not lost my belief in love,
And I have not lost my ability to love;
It is a force in me that cannot be stopped.

For it is love that drives me
To give up part of myself,
While holding on to even more of myself,
That expands with each love I love.

And in my never-ending search for love,
I have found deeper and deeper love;
The love from my soul has expanded
So that my mate is now my soul-mate,
And I am blissfully and passionately in love.