Yes, I know, I was supposed to write this one on reconciliation, but I have received no poems from poets on the topic so I guess I will go with what’s on my mind everyday – which I fear may be the end of society as we know it. However, I am making a conscious decision to set aside my fear and see it as an opportunity for us to turn our backs on this trend to mass insanity once and for all.

I Will Not Go Quietly

I will not go quietly.
I will not turn off the light
and live in the dark.
I will not tuck my tail between my legs
crawl into a hole and wait to die.

I will not bow before a false god
who demands human sacrifice.
But I will not fight
words with words,
blows with blows.

I will feel compassion for you.
I will see your sorrow and be patient.
I will set aside my own fears.
I will try to hear you
and understand what you are not saying,
until together we arrive
not at a compromise
but at a truth that is a truth
and recognize a lie that is a lie.

Then we will start again
and build a new and better world
with a new and better you
and a new and better me.