Lost  Laughter

The sounds of laughter echo through
The abandoned halls of my mind
Stirring memories of long lost years
When life was easy, and laughter erupted
From a heart that knew how to play.

Through the years the memories have vanished
Beneath the heavy burdens of responsibility.
And play was something I watched in my children
As they danced their dances and sang their songs.
And a smile is all my heart could offer
To the tired musing of my mind.

Oh my love, thank you for this precious gift of laughter.
Thank you for your mischievous grin as you set out
To tickle my sense of laughter with a hand scarred by time,
Never letting me go through a single day without a smile.
Thank you for taking time to play a game of touch and go
Where well placed sensations explode into new feelings
And joy erupts in a too-long suppressed laugh
And I once again experience the feelings of a child at play.