Inspiration- Sometimes

Sometimes it is a gentle nudge
From a source of love;
Sometimes a raging wind
That forces me to sit down and write;
Sometimes it is a mindful stroll
Through the blissful forest near where I live;
Sometimes it is a walk along the sea
With the gulls crying mournfully;
Sometimes it is a hope bred from despair
As I watch the world turn and tumble into chaos,
Taking with it all those who weep for more;
Sometimes it is a fellow pilgrim on the path
Who humbles me with her words;
Sometimes it is a beautiful young woman
Lost and perishing in chemical bliss;
Sometimes it is just me
Sitting here contemplating life’s truths,
Hoping to find and ear who will listen,
And a pair of eyes who will read and understand
The longing of my heart to be seen and heard.