I have started a new book whcih I think I might call “Shades of Love”. This selection is from the chapter on Intuition from the section on Agape Love.



Week 1, Day 7

Intuition – Express creativity

            It is not the logical sense in poetry that captivates people’s interest, but rather the illogical aspects that most poets cannot seem to explain. This comes as a result of poets listening to their inner voices. True poets are intuitive people – we tend to express our creativity from the heart which allows us to bypass the minds of others and reach out to the souls.

The Heart Poet

My quiet voice has won its battle with reason;

My inner voice is now free to speak the absurd;

My creative voice is free to create a hidden truth.

And so I speak reality in sounds and images;

I compose concepts in literary codes,

To bring to life what cannot be communicated,

To those who listen with their minds,

So that others who listen with their hearts

Can comprehend what it means to be alive

Amidst the living dead who filter out truth,

Confusing what they see and think with what is,

Through the confusion of their complicated minds.

And so I welcome the perfect blackness of a cloudy night;

I welcome the perfect emptiness of the sentient silence;

I welcome the storm wind blowing through the trees.

As my presence enters into this vacuum of thought,

I lose myself in the vast expanse of empty space,

And I find myself where time ends and eternity begins.

This is where the truth resides;

This is where my heart beats;

This is where my life

Has meaning and purpose.


This is where my life began;

This is how I want it to end,

Free of fear and longing,

With Mother Earth’s

Powerful voice

Calling me into the night.

Calling me into the night.

Calling me into the night.

Calling me into the night.

Calling me into the night.