We will continue to feature poems from Poet’s Pub Night. The authors have agreed to let me compile these poems for a Poet’s Pub Night publication that we can use as a fund raiser for The Gala Scholarship Fund. Love this one because it captures what I hope the Pub Night is all about. As the emcee for the night,  I hope to come across as gentle, supportive, and caring. These nights help some of us feel comfortable with writing and sharing our deepest thoughts. At other times the poems are just for fun. It can be whatever you want it to be. 


Gentle chair

 What do I know
about love?
Please tell me what you mean,
Show me
so I understand
more clearly.

Is it you sitting over there,
now near,
beside me?

You pulled up a chair.
I work.
Is it just to keep me company?
You yawn, mouth open, no hands
– like magic.
You make it seem so easy.
Will you stay?
Can I let go, or
will you go away?

So much kindness, I break.
I tried to resist
and hold back;
I didn’t dare.
Such folly.

I don’t want to be afraid
to love
even if you won’t be there
in the way
I imagine.
Your heart is
near where I breathe.

Valerie Idiens
February 24, 2020